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Jan 19-21, 9 am to 5 pm each day • Orange Tree Country Club, 10601 N 56th St, Scottsdale

I Will Teach You The Best Way To Borrow My Money to Buy Real Estate

Learn the best way to buy real estate. I will then lend you $250,000 to do it!

Attend My Upcoming 3-Day Training, and
I Will Fund Your Next Real Estate Deal!*


Only the first 50 registrants can attend

FREE Real Estate Investing Training

Your $1497 tuition is being paid by the Manager of an Equity Fund who has millions of dollars in private money to lend to real estate investors.

I have allocated almost $4 million to investors who complete my FREE 3-day Training. But, you need to attend to qualify.

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Why Reserve My Spot?​

Because tuition is PREPAID, these seats WILL fill up fast, and seating is strictly limited.

Reserving your spot guarantees that you won't miss out on this incredible opportunity. It also helps if we know you are coming so we can better prepare for your arrival.

Your Tuition is PrePaid!​

The price at the door is $1,497, but by registering now, your tuition will be PREPAID by Real Estate Investor and Private Money Lender CHRIS EYMANN.

Why? Because it’s in our best interest, as well as yours, for you to know what you’re doing when it comes to using private money to buy and sell real estate.

If we can teach you how to find the best deals, with the most equity, we can deploy more money to you. You make money and we make more money!

What's the Catch?​

There is no catch!

In fact, we will REWARD you for attending all three days of the training by providing you with a $250,000 pre-approval letter for buying real-estate investment properties!

Who Is Chris Eymann?

Meet your local Phoenix area real estate expert

Chris Eymann is one of the nation’s leading residential real estate investors. With over 22 years experience, he has bought and sold thousands of properties totaling just shy of $1 Billion.

Chris has seen the best and worst of markets – and believes right now there is a huge window of opportunity for anyone to invest in real estate. He is holding this free workshop to PROVE to you that now is your chance!

As a recreational pilot, Chris understands the importance of proper training before taking flight. Thus, he created Just For Flips to help everyday people take advantage of the massive opportunity in today’s fast real estate market.

Not only that, but he believes real estate investing not only leads to wealth, but affords entrepreneurs an amazing lifestyle.

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